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Hummingbird Advisors, LLC is a Native American woman owned business. Serving Tribal entities across the United States, with organizational management and leadership experience to help your government, casino, or hotel departments run at ultimate optimization.

Colista comes with twenty years of executive leadership in tribal casino and hotel experience. Starting her casino career as a security dispatcher, security lead officer and then security supervisor. With that experience under her belt an opportunity to move into management appeared, she was then transitioned into a role as a Cage department assistant manger.

But then…new exciting opportunities strolled into Colista’s career path in the form of Slot Operations. Slots has been the majority of her experience in the casino industry. While in this role, Colista completed her B.S. in Hospitality and Casino Management.

Then another opportunity arose, helping provide Colista with even more experience in how tribal businesses work. This was to create a more diverse employee in being able to try her hand in the Hospitality sector of Tribal Businesses, she found herself fulfilling the role as the Executive Hotel Director. Forever “sharpening her saw”, Colista also completed her MBA.

When duty calls…Colista was called on by her Tribe to fulfill the Chief Executive Officer role. This, low and behold, was during the hardest period of time for any operator and human being on Mother Earth. She successfully led the property through COVID shutdowns and reopening.

Colista does serve as a Board of Director with several organizations, has consulted with personal brand awareness as well as company brand awareness. She is currently seeking a certification with UNLV in Digital Marketing.

Services To Come

Colista will be adding Digital Marketing Strategies and Employment Background Checks to her services. With the years spent in the industry, many contacts have been made, the Gaming Industry is a very small community when you think about it. With that being said, Colista does offer the ability to connect you with a full fledged Marketing and Brand Awareness Consultant, Food and Beverage and Entertainment Consultant, let’s talk and see where you are in your journey. I may “have a guy for that”.